Thursday, October 4, 2012

Using Bean Validaton in SOA - JEE 6 based sample application

This blog post is just a short notice to point to a JEE6 based sample, which was prepared for a JavaOne session "CON5020 - Using JSR 303, Bean Validation, with the Common Data Model in SOA".
JavaOne 2012 Parc 55

The sample, available at github, contains a list of NetBeans  (maven)  projects showing the design and the usage of bean validation constraints.

One interesting aspect might be also the usage of a common data model on a service provider and consumer side. It allows to reuse bean validation constrains together wit a model on a service provider and consumer side.

Readers of this blog might already got a notice about  Oracle ADF Essentials -  JEE end-to-end framework - free to develop and deploy.

The sample project is going to be used in a following blog posts to extend a functionality on a service consumer side ( view and controller) by leveraging ADF task flows, data controls and ADF Faces - features (actually a part of them - there is more)  provided by ADF Essentials.

In case you are interested in building ADF applications on a top of heterogeneous data sources - stay tuned:)