JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld 2012 special

This page is going to provide information related to the conference JavaOne 2012, which takes place together with Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, September 30 - October 4, 2012.

My submission for JavaOne 2012 was accepted, therefore  - a kind invitation for the readers of this blog to join my session:

Using JSR 303, Bean Validation, with the Common Data Model in SOA 

One challenge in layered SOA is implementation of business rules and their reusability. Even the simplest constraints tend to spread across all layers, resulting in increased implementation and maintenance efforts. This session shows how Bean Validation constraints can be applied to the SOA common data model and can be reused where needed. It includes a demo of how to design custom JavaBeans annotations to validate simple and complex business constraints and enforce them on a service provider and the consumer side.

Have a look also at JavaOne Content Catalog, which includes a lot of interesting sessions being presented by named speakers. 

It is worth to enroll to the sessions of interest once the location and time of them gets announced. 

Looking forward to see you in San Francisco!

Update: Preparing a demo for the session

As stated in abstract, the session includes a demo , kind of "take away"app for the participants, which can be used to try and evaluate a concepts presented. One finding from my side - it might be challenging to select best suitable environment for the demo. Your might already noticed, that the samples of this blog are built in JDeveloper - it is usualy the IDE used at the customer environment to develop JEE applications in a field of SOA and ADF.
As the focus of this session is on a usage of Bean Validation in a context of SOA, particularly one important design aspect of SOA - common data model - standard JEE container is all you need for that.
Therefore  GlassFish  as a reference implementation was selected for the demo sample.

Some of "must attend" sessions of JavaOne 2012  IMHO are with a participation of Jaroslav Tulach speaking about a software modularity (hope it doesn't overlap:)  If you know the book about API Design , which addresses challenges in a field of API design and evolution of it - you are already more than familiar with NetBeans - the IDE used to prepare a demo for my session.

Update 2: Slides and a demo for the session CON5020

Slides and  a demo application  for JavaOne 2012 session CON5020 on bean validation and SOA now available for download at github.

Thank you  for attending my session! 

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