ADF Task Flow sample running in java cloud

This experimental test page contains one ADF application (embedded as IFRAME) running on java cloud platform. The purpose of this page is to evaluate a possibility to provide Live samples of this blog.

The application, deployed on CloudBees java platform, leverages ADF Faces (view) and Task Flows (controller) part of the stack. The application is not supposed to be stable and up all the time yet (CloudBees is not officially certified to run ADF).

According to recent news, Oralce public cloud is going to be generally available soon, so it might be interesting and useful for community to see more live ADF samples in a future.

Update 1: Oracle public cloud platform with 100+  applications already announced - registration for access  available here

 In any case, your feedback on this experiment is appreciated - is the sample running or not :) ?

Update 2: The sample app together with a description of how to use JDeveloper R2 Maven integration to build and package it is available in this blog post.

Update 3:  More categorized ADF samples (constantly growing number) created by members of the ADF EMG group are now available at ADF EMG Samples Wiki page!


  1. Hi Donatas
    Great example of the cloud app.
    Can you provide the link to the downloadable app and how to setup/reqmts?

  2. Hi EJ,
    thanks for your feedback. The upcoming blog post is going to describe it and like always provide the sample at github. Stay tuned :)
    Regards, Donatas

  3. One small note: the message "502 Bad Gateway" is displayed in case the sample app is down.